Cambridge Roller type RK

The Cambridge trailed roller type RK by Orlandi is provided with discs in spheroidal cast iron with independent movement. They are designed to rolls and level the soil, leaving it aerated and shredded. The double joint leveling system allows the side rollers to move freely following the shape of the soil and rolling over also in case of hilly terrain or unsmoothed.

Main features:

  • Hydraulic opening operated from the driver's seat;
  • Duble joint leveling;
  • Discs in spheroidal cast iron with a diameter of 530 mm;
  • Steel chassis C45;
  • Transport width from 2.20 to 2,50 m.;
  • Approved for transport on road.


RK 460 4,60 m 2100 Kg
RK 520 5,20 m 2350 Kg
RK 560 5,60 m 2600 Kg
RK 630 6,30 m 3000 Kg
The weights listed in the table above are approximate.