Agriculture Equipment


RVT IDRO with dripperlines layed

Field test - Lione (Francia)


BLF Recoiler for Polynet or Lay-flat

RVT idro - Recover machine for used drip lines

The recoiler RVT- IDRO for drip irrigation allows the extraction of buried and surfaced drip lines

Slick Roller type R

The Straight Tralied Roller R is the perfect machine to level and roll the soil before and after seeding.

Cambridge Roller type RK

The Cambridge roller type RK is the solution for rolling difficult soils covered with superficial crust.

STM/D Injection Machine for drip lines

The STM/D is designed to perform fast injection of drip lines on medium and hard soils.

STM/F Injection Machine for drip lines

The STM/F is designed for the injection of drip lines on medium and soft soils

CST - Trolley for spreader

Ideal for the use of big fertilizer spreaders on soft soils or with small tractors.


Trolley for fertilizer spreaders with capacities up to 1500lt.

Dragon Subsoiler

Dragon Subsoiler

Harrow Scarifier EMI

The Harrow Scarifier EMI is particolary suitable to prepare the soil

Harrow EDE

The Harrow EDE is particulary suitable to prepare a refined seeding bed

The Orlandi Roberto Agricolural Machines  Sas is a solid and dynamic company that operates with competence and experience in the field of agricolture equipment since 1920. Established in the 1920s with great-grandfather Paride, then continued with his grandfather Germano and his father Roberto Orlandi, the company has been improved through generations and became a reference for the design and production of agriculture machinery.

With the use of new technologies,  the Orlandi Roberto Sas  is now specialized in the design and production of compacting rollers, trolleys for spreaders and equipment for the laying and the recollection of the driplines for irrigation. Thanks to our long experience, we provide custom made solutions and special equipment in order to satisfy the most exigent customers.